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Mercer County Community College (MCCC) in West Windsor, New Jersey is now accepting registrations for its new Medical Cannabis Training Course which will be offered Monday nights beginning January 25 on the Zoom conferencing platform. Taught by industry professionals, the course is intended to ready students for entry-level careers in the highly regulated medical cannabis industry in the state of New Jersey. For more information visit

Cannabis Regulatory Commission releases initial rules

After an hour of delays attributed to technical difficulties, the group convened in a public meeting in front of nearly 1,000 New Jerseyans to lay out the groundwork paving the way for the state's adult use industry, which included the prioritization of social equity, diversely owned and impact zone businesses; easing access to the market for entrepreneurs; working with municipal partners; and laying a foundation of safety.

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Cannabis plant

Saving green

Cannabis businesses have long struggled to get appropriate insurance coverage due to the product’s continued scheduling under the Controlled Substances Act: Schedule I classification means that any “manufacturing, possession, sale or use of marijuana” is a federal crime, and the conflict between federal and state laws cause issues with respect to criminal liability for insurance providers.

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Grochowski designed several Hashtoria dispensary locations in Oregon.

Creating calm within regulations

Brick-and-mortar retailers have a job to do: attract customers and to display products so that they sell and can be replaced with more. In that way, cannabis dispensaries are no different from jewelry, clothing or cookware outlets. In Montlcair, RHG Architecture + Design is figuring out how cannabis dispensaries should look and feel, while adhering to state-by-state requirements.

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