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clothes on a rack on a flea market.

In with the old

For major retailers getting into the pre-owned market – like Levi's, Gap and Walmart – retail analyst and sales consultant John Livesay referenced the switch from movie rentals to streaming: “Nobody takes their position for granted anymore. I’m sure the people at Blockbuster were very busy until the whole thing fell apart, whereas the people at Netflix were like ‘what’s the brand, what can we be doing?’”

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Acme to buy 27 Kings Food Market and Balducci’s for $96.4M

“Our company has a history of managing small, differentiated chains that offer an elevated experience, like Andronicos and Haggens in the western U.S.," said Mid-Atlantic Division President Jim Perkins in a press release. "When we leverage their team’s expertise and continue to deliver what their customers want, these stores can thrive.”

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Marijuana / cannabis plants.

The cannabis campaign

In what ordinarily would seem like the 11th hour, due to COVID-19, bipartisan advocacy groups on either side of the issue are navigating new waters: How can they get through to voters, who they can’t interact with in person, to answer one way or another Public Question No. 1: “Do you approve amending the Constitution to legalize a controlled form of marijuana called ‘cannabis’?”

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Murphy lauds landmark bill banning most single-use bags

Gov. Phil Murphy praised a measure the state Legislature sent him on Sept. 24 that would prohibit businesses from using Styrofoam and paper and plastic bags, saying it would be one of the strongest environmental laws in the nation. “I was really happy to see that. It’s something we worked closely on,” the governor said ...

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