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Welcome respite

New Jersey business leaders reacted positively to a temporary mutual tariff suspension March 5 between the United States and European Union. The four-month suspension marks a respite from a decades-long dispute between the trading partners spurred by subsidies each gave to the world's top airplane companies—the EU said Boeing had received billions in unfair subsidies from federal and state governments; the U.S. alleged that Airbus has received billions in unfair subsidies in Europe.

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Not just hot air

Thomas Stevens and Paul Elyseev, the owners of Hot Sand, started the glass blowing business as a small studio in Asbury Park. Both would go and blow glass regularly and enjoyed it. At one point, the owner of their space was concerned about the safety of the operation and asked them to move to a different location.

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ShopWorn hires former Google exec to run Asia business

The recommerce retailer hired Philip Chan as managing director who has a background as general manager for Google Hong Kong and vice president of Yahoo Asia, as well as serving in roles at Cisco and Motorola.

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SHI International Corp. logo

SHI earns record $11.1 billion in 2020

The company, run by No. 8 on Forbes Self-Made Women list Thai Lee, launched consultative subsidiary Stratascale, struck new partnerships, and reportedly kept pace with the deluge of customer orders flowing through its two Integration Centers in the past year.

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On the mend

Flemington Furs was a case study in brilliant marketing and had a more iconic advertising campaign than Disney a century ago, according to Flemington Community Partnership Executive Director Robin Lapidus. Out-of-state dollars flowed like water onto the borough’s Main Street. Decades later, Liberty Village, the nation’s first open-air outlet mall, would bring tourists into town by the busload.

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