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Fair distribution

Community solar programs in New Jersey allow both renters and homeowners to take part in supporting renewable energy without purchasing or installing solar panels on their property. Instead, subscribers can claim a portion of a large solar development near them. The customer receives community solar credits for the clean energy that is produced by their portion of the solar project and these credits reduce the customer’s monthly electricity bill. Then, the customer pays the community solar project for these credits but at a 10% discount, guaranteeing savings every month.

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Suite spot

The office market was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic as executive orders forced companies to shut physical facilities. Landlords also incurred extra costs in preparing to reopen, installing new systems or implementing new protocols to ensure the health and safety of employees and occupiers.

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Buy it here

On Jan. 26, President Joe Biden signed the “Buy American” order, aiming to close loopholes in the federal government’s requirement to buy anything it needs from American companies. The move, Biden argued, is meant to bolster the nation’s manufacturing industry at a time when the economy as a whole could use a boost.

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