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For International Women’s Day, staff members at one business offered their best career guidance to colleagues and peers at other companies

Woodbridge-based Triton Benefits & HR Solutions, which provides group health insurance, human resources and payroll outsourcing, recently polled several women within the organization and asked them the following question: What advice can you give women in the workplace, whether they are just starting out or established in their career?

Below are their responses.

 Susan Carrero

Becoming an effective leader is much more than being in charge and directing a staff. It is not about gender or years of experience either. It starts with earning respect and instilling a healthy positive work culture. Leadership is more than dictating and delegating, it is about inspiring, educating and obtaining results as a team. Always remember the three Cs – manage with confidence, consistency and communication. Celebrate your teams’ positive achievements and keep raising the bar. Take responsibility with your team when things have gone wrong. Be the coach, the cheerleader, a supportive teammate and the spectator. Keep the door wide open for feedback and learn to be a great listener.

– Susan Carrero

President and Founder of Triton’s 7 Star PEO Division, Director of Human Resource Services

Sonali Sadana

Whether you are just starting out or working a few years or decades, it is imperative that you plan for the future, so you are always taking stock of your career and building on the next step. Throughout your career, never be afraid to fail, as failure leads to learning and ultimately, success. It is also important to set your own expectations knowing that work/life balance can be difficult at times, but it is achievable. On a personal note, take a trip once a year to relax and refuel yourself; once you return you will be ready to hustle.

– Sonali Sadana

Benefits Account Manager

Melissa Cooke  Director of Sales

In 2020 make it a goal to embrace the best of you and share it. Do not be afraid to speak up for something you are passionate about in fear of being judged. Self-reflect and understand your worth to yourself and the organization. Feel confident in knowing the experience you gained throughout the years will serve you well. Transfer knowledge to your team, do not hoard it. But most of all, embrace change and keep on learning. Additionally, dress for the job you want to get, not the one you have today. And never turn down an opportunity you don’t feel qualified for; you will figure it out.

– Melissa Cooke

Director of Sales

Henna Ashraf  Human Resources Manager

Take on work challenges every day; strive to elevate the conversation for you and your team. Have no fear. Think strategically, build an analytical mindset that has power and value. Explore every opportunity to create meaningful relationships, solve complex problems, and shape the internal culture while continuing to be a passionate people person and keep the “human” in Human Resources.

– Henna Ashraf

Human Resources Manager

Helen Battagliotti  Accounting & Finance Administrator

Successful women do not get their success overnight. In order to achieve success in the workplace, you need to be connected to it. Learn everything about it, the strategic goals, how they trickle down to your position and the impact you make in performing the responsibilities and tasks of your position. This will help prepare you to spot opportunities, offer recommendations and be an asset. Always give your very best; and be ready to take on challenges, and most important, be open to constructive criticism and feedback. This is how you learn and grow.

– Helen Battagliotti

Accounting & Finance Administrator

- Marianela Torrico  Senior Benefits Account Manager

Build a legacy for future generations in the workplace. Female leaders have the potential to build confidence, encourage a thriving environment that ignites new ideas and celebrates ambition. Don’t settle for mediocracy, work hard and bring in new ideas while establishing a high level of professionalism. Be a team player while being your own best advocate.

– Marianela Torrico

Senior Benefits Account Manager

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