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Skittles tops Halloween candy preference in NJ

Skittles is NJ's top-sellign candy, according to INC.)

Wondering how to please trick-or-treaters this Halloween?If you live in New Jersey, serving the fruity sweet snack Skittles just might prevent your house from getting egged., one of the largest online sellers of bulk candy, stated in its recent findings that the fruity treat from Mars Inc., Skittles, is the top seller among candies in the Garden State.

The online company claims to have sold just over 159,000 pounds of Skittles to New Jerseyans in 2017, with Tootsie Pops coming in second with 157,893 and M&M’s coming in third with 110,673 pounds.

For the state’s neighbor to the east, New York, Sour Patch Kids was the top seller, with Candy Corn and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups coming in third. In Pennsylvania, M&Ms, Skittles and Hershey’s Minibars were the first, second and third best sellers, respectively.

“We’re a little sad to see that Salt Water Taffy doesn’t do better in Jersey,” the company said in its findings. “It was born in Atlantic City after all.

Here’s to hoping for a taffy comeback in New Jersey!

Vince Calio
Vince Calio covers health care and manufacturing for NJBIZ.