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Film tax credit sparks significant interest in studio space

“At one point, people wanted to talk to us about renovating existing warehouses and other large-scale facilities into film facilities,” said Keith Hanadel of New York-based HLW. Now interest is building around new buildings: “Which signals to me, people are willing to commit much more of an investment into the marketplace than they were before.”

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Creating calm within regulations

Grochowski designed several Hashtoria dispensary locations in Oregon.

Brick-and-mortar retailers have a job to do: attract customers and to display products so that they sell and can be replaced with more. In that way, cannabis dispensaries are no different from jewelry, clothing or cookware outlets. In Montlcair, RHG Architecture + Design is figuring out how cannabis dispensaries should look and feel, while adhering to state-by-state requirements.

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New thinking

Steven Kratchman Architect designed the upgrades of the Apogee co-op in Cliffside Park, to bring it to contemporary resident standards. - STEVEN KRATCHMAN ARCHITECT P.C.

Steven Kratchman on five architectural trends that meet market demand and add value when upgrading multifamily properties on New Jersey's Gold Coast.

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