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To pay or not to pay


A  Superior Court judge ruled that the owners of a Ridgewood restaurant could proceed with litigation against their landlords, who they sued on grounds that they shouldn’t have to pay rent for the months of business they lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. And according to the plaintiff’s attorney, how the case shakes out could have far-reaching effects on the rights of similar operators.

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Webinar series to help NJ businesses navigate COVID recovery

The New Jersey Business Action Center is offering assistance to employers in the form of a six-part series featuring Resources for Nonprofits; Government Procurement: Making Government Your Customer; Technical Assistance Opportunities; Financial Resources; COVID Safety in the Workplace & NJDOL Resources; and Lesser-Known Resources Provided by the Government.

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In person jury trials resume June 15

Criminal proceedings will be the priority, with cases that involve detained defendants continuing to receive the highest preference. Civil cases that are urgent - such as those that involve a plaintiff with a limited life expectancy - will also be prioritized.

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