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Proceeding with caution

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A national study finds consumers are returning to behaviors they had early in the pandemic, due to delta variant concerns. Survey respondents who said they’re comfortable shopping without a mask dropped 15 percentage points from July to August, with 34% preferring to go in stores with mask requirements and 36% having a higher level of respect for businesses that enforce mask wearing.

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Momentum shift

Sofia, Bulgaria - November 10, 2020: Pfizer COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine and Syringe. Conceptual image.

With full federal approval of one of the three COVID-19 vaccines being used across the nation, state leaders and public health officials are optimistic that more people will finally get the shot after months of holding out. And businesses are now entering into previously difficult terrain and are requiring the COVID-19 vaccine for their workers, and even in some cases for their customers and guests.

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