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How times have changed

Black male holding open sign and looking out at the glass of the door. African American cafe man owner with face mask reopening after pandemic virus. Startup small business after Covid-19 quarantine.

The spread of the delta variant could slow down the national and state-level economic recovery. But an economic downturn of the magnitude of what occurred in March and April last year is unlikely, according to many economic experts. “The general view is it wouldn’t be anything like last year,” said Charles Steindel, the state’s former chief economist.

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Not again

Holy Name Medical Center

The 361-bed Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck was widely regarded as among New Jersey’s first epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic. And so while CEO Michael Maron contends the latest surges in the delta variant are indeed worrisome, they’re by no means a reason to “create an alarmist narrative,” which he’s seen circulating in public.  “This to me is one of the real concerns I have,” he said in an interview. “There’s a lot of misinformation.”

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A return to abnormal?

People in face masks

In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy formally lifted the indoor mask mandate in late May for anyone fully vaccinated against COVID-19. But the highly contagious Delta variant has swept across the nation and the state, primarily among those who have not gotten the vaccine.

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