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On to court

Symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom, law and justice concept.

With the pandemic dragging into its 17th month, insurers, lawyers and businesses said they’ve grown anxious about the looming prospect of litigation. The fear is of a surge of suits by customers or employees against businesses, alleging that they caught COVID-19 at a particular establishment, whose owners failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent illness.

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North Jersey restaurant requiring COVID vaccine for indoor dining

Street cafe with tables and chairs. Cozy outdoor cafe. Dinner plate setting.

"For the safety of our fully vaccinated staff and patrons ... indoor dining will be reserved for those showing proof of vaccination," reads an Aug. 3 post on the eatery's Facebook page. "We realize this is a difficult time and are trying to accommodate the diverse needs of all of our patrons-including seniors and those with immune system deficiencies."

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No shot?

COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccine mandates have proven to be one of the most politically and culturally polarizing topics. Perhaps not surprisingly, then, when NJBIZ reached out to 55 companies about their policies, including some of the state’s largest employers, eight declined to comment and 32 simply did not respond.

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The show must (sometimes) go on

US Futsal National Championship at the Atlantic City Convention Center, July 8 to 11, 2021. - MEET AC

When thousands of concert-goers packed into Chicago’s Grant Park for the Lollapalooza music festival at the end of July, the event drew widespread scorn from public health experts. In New Jersey, organizers of live events - from concerts, to fairs and conventions - are bringing audiences back together, cautiously in some cases.

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