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The 2022 NJBIZ Education Power 50 slideshow

2022 NJBIZ Education Power 50 slideshow

New Jersey is home to a diverse collection of experts. As the field evolves along with the economy, these individuals will ensure that the next generation – and the one after that – will be equipped to move the state forward. Click through to see all the honorees; the top 10 are ranked numerically and the remaining 40 are listed alphabetically.

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No. 6: Annette Reboli

Annette Reboli

Reboli has been acknowledged by insiders as a key player in broadening the name of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University from one with just local recognition to a national leader.

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No. 9: Jane Bokunewicz


Bokunewicz is the faculty director of the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming Hospitality and Tourism and an associate professor of Hospitality Tourism and Event Management in the School of Business at Stockton University.

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No. 1: Jonathan Holloway

Jonathan Holloway

Holloway took the high-profile helm at Rutgers in 2020 and has guided the state university’s efforts navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. More prosaic challenges remain, including budgetary issues.

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No. 10: Joseph Marbach


Georgian Court University has been on a roll recently with Marbach as president. The school became the first institution of higher education in the state to offer employees a four-day compressed workweek option year-round, instead of just during the summer.

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No. 8: Lamont Repollet

Lamont Repollet, president, Kean University

At the end of 2021, Kean University was designated as New Jersey’s first urban research university. At the head of that institution is Repollet, a former state education commissioner who was officially installed in his current post in October of last year.

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No. 5: Brian Strom

Brian Strom

The inaugural chancellor of the Rutgers School of Biomedical and Health Sciences most recently was recognized as No. 2 on the NJBIZ Health Care Power 50 list earlier this year.

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No. 2: Christopher Eisgruber


Princeton University’s president approaches the 10th year of his leadership on a campus that has thrived despite a global pandemic, emerged as a national leader in expanding socioeconomic access to higher education, and is poised for a period of unprecedented growth.

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No. 4: Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

As dean of the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School since 2011 and until recently interim dean of the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Johnson was the first leader in history to oversee two medical schools simultaneously.

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No. 3: Ali Houshmand

Ali Houshmand

Since Houshmand took the lead t Rowan in 2012, the school has experienced remarkable growth with enrollment rising from 11,000 students that year to 23,000 students in fall 2021, making Rowan the fourth fastest-growing research university in the country for the third straight year.

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