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OPINION: Bring it home

Bob Prunetti, a former Mercer County executive and former president of the Mercer and MidJersey Regional Chamber of Commerce, writes, "[T]he city of Hoboken soon will be front and center in the climate lawsuit drama unfolding in American municipalities."

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OPINION: Wrong course

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For most of us, if we have a leaky roof or something in our home that needs repair, we save up so that we can fix it. It would be nice if our gas or electric provider would just hand us money for repairs, but that’s just not reality. In a lawsuit over climate change, the city of Hoboken is trying this trick to get money for its own infrastructure projects. By, Michael Thulen Jr. , former president of the Point Pleasant Borough Council.

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OPINION: Get ready

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"There is a widespread push in many federal agencies to investigate small businesses that borrowed funds from the Small Business Authority and/or the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). Small businesses as well as their owners now need protection against governmental agencies that have turned against those small businesses they claimed they were trying to help. These investigations are dangerous because they can result in both criminal and civil penalties that can destroy a business and its owners." Archer & Greiner partner Michael Horn on what to keep in mind that can make the difference between an investigation becoming a minor inconvenience or a life changing event.

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OPINION: Heed the alarms

Pollution on earth with many factory buildings illustration

With scientists from the United Nations reporting this week that climate change will be intensifying over the next 30 years because of our planet’s addiction to fossil fuels, it is now incumbent on all business sectors to make changes. And ‘green’ builders can do more to reduce our carbon footprint, writes Needle Point Homes President Steve Needle.

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OPINION: Too much of a good thing

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After a year of economic turbulence throughout New Jersey, the state is stepping away from its normally rational approach to paid leave policy. State lawmakers are considering a new paid sick leave bill that would create redundant benefits to which employees already have access while placing the unfunded costs of this unnecessary mandate directly on New Jersey businesses. By Aliya Robinson, senior vice president of retirement and compensation policy at The ERISA Industry Committee.

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OPINION: Building a solution

Innovative 3D printing house technology: computer transmitting data to the 3D printer and managing the connected drone and cement mixer truck

It’s been more than two months since the first 3D-printed home was put on the market in the United States, and society has had a chance to see what’s possible. The question remains: Is it scalable?

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OPINION: A new recipe

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Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti attorney Matthew Karmel and Green Training Associates LLC founder and CEO Pamela Sammarco on what businesses need to know about mandatory food waste recycling laws.

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OPINION: Local solutions

Medical Concept - Doctor working in hospital with computer and writing paperwork illustrated with medical icons pop up from doctors hand about healthcare pharmacy business and doctoral education.

Physician practices here and across the country deserve to have a seat – and a voice – at the table to obtain access to the latest evidence and innovations that can allow them to operate more efficiently, evaluate and improve the quality of patient care and ultimately, the health of patients and the community in New Jersey.

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