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Get back

The worker shortage is a nationwide problem, with business and labor groups at odds over its causes, but it could be particularly acute in New Jersey as the state gears up for the summer tourism season. Economical health here depends on tens of millions of visitors flocking to the beaches, and serving and lodging those people requires a huge workforce.

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Green shoots

Welcome sign of a bar or pub, with reminder to wear mask and observe social distancing. Concept of new normal operations in a bar or restaurant.

As the state begins to recover from the COVID-19 economic downturn, the industries hit hardest by the pandemic a year ago seem to be rebounding most quickly. Sectors such leisure and hospitality, and construction have boomed in recent months, posting some of the largest job gains this spring.

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New NJ jobless claims double over past week

Business owner holding sign with text SORRY WE ARE CLOSED QUARANTINE in flower shop, closeup

For the week ending March 27, 19,475 claims were filed according to data released April 1. The surges were evident “across industry sectors,” and fueled in part by “a bump in claims from the self-employed,” reads a statement from the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

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