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Ocean Casino Resort CEO Glebocki resigns (updated) (access required)

Terry Glebocki, CEO, Ocean Casino Resort

It is not immediately clear why she is leaving, but Terry Glebocki, who will also step down from her role at the Casino Association of New Jersey, helped to keep the gaming palace afloat during the worst of the COVID-19 closures and restrictions, making it one of Atlantic City’s top performers for the 19 months of the pandemic.

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Sale away (access required)

Mother and daughter duo Eleanor Kubacki and Dakota Silver built Good Behavior Brands.

A mother and daughter duo’s internet search rabbit hole has led to prosperity for them and for dozens of women in developing countries. Eleanor Kubacki was dreaming of travel. She didn’t know it, but it would be months before she went anywhere—the pandemic was about to sneak up on all of us—but there she was, falling in love with a weekender bag on Pinterest late at night.

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