What demise of net neutrality means for you

The internet holds a unique position as one of modern day's most vital tools that few people truly understand. Technical jargon leaves behind anyone who isn't tech savvy and even if layman's terms are used, its infrastructure doesn't necessarily lend itself to precise analogies.

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Web of intrigue follows net neutrality repeal

The Federal Communications Commission’s vote to repeal regulation of the internet known as net neutrality will have a significant impact on any business that uses the web, and some local businesspeople and lawmakers believe the magnitude of the change could create a chilling effect.

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FCC repeals net neutrality

The Federal Communications Committee in a 3-2 vote reversed the FCC’s 2015 action that classified the internet as a public utility, effectively removing legislation that regulated how internet service providers were allowed to prioritize or monetize internet traffic, colloquially known as net neutrality.

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