TerraCycle cleans up: Swiffer added to recycling program

Jessica Perry//December 9, 2019

TerraCycle cleans up: Swiffer added to recycling program

Jessica Perry//December 9, 2019

TerraCycle is adding another recognizable brand name to its list of recycling partners.

On Monday, the Trenton-based recycler said Swiffer – used in more than 50 million households around the world – will make its Swiffer Sweeper, Duster and WetJet refills recyclable across the country.

Consumers can now recycle Swiffer Sweeper’s Wet Mopping Cloths, Dry Sweeping Cloths, Wet Heavy-Duty Mopping Cloths and Dry Heavy-Duty Sweeping Cloths; Swiffer Dusters, Heavy-Duty Dusters; and Swiffer WetJet Mopping pads, Heavy-Duty Mopping pads and Wood Mopping pads.

According to TerraCycle, in the program waste is collected, broken down and separated by material so that plastics can be cleaned and melted into hard plastic, which can be remolded to make new products. To take part, customers – individuals, schools, offices or community organizations – can mail in accepted waste using prepaid shipping labels after signing up on TerraCycle’s program page.

In a statement, NA Brand Director Kevin Wenzel described the effort as an important step toward creating sustainable solutions for Swiffer products.

“Cleaning our home is a task that we all share,” said TerraCycle Chief Executive Officer and Founder Tom Szaky in a prepared statement. “By participating in the Swiffer Recycling Program consumers can demonstrate their commitment to a clean home, as well as a clean planet, all while being rewarded for doing the right thing.”

As an incentive, for each shipment received through the Swiffer Recycling Program, TerraCycle said collectors will earn points to use for charity gifts, or to be converted into cash donations for the nonprofit, school or charitable organization of their choice.

Other recently announced partners in TerraCycle‘s recycling program include Gerber, Herbal Essences, and Martini & Rossi.