Gary Hullfish, vice president, HNTB Corp. - AARON HOUSTON

Beyond the wheel (access required)

HNTB predicts that connected and autonomous vehicles will affect businesses such as taxi and trucking companies and that those effects will revolve around legal and regulatory issues related to liability, taxation and use of GPS information along with other vehicle-generated data. State and regional transportation agencies have taken note and begun examining how the changes could play out.

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NJ Transit seeks partners to advance development projects

“This is a great opportunity for developers to get in on the ground floor and help create thriving local communities,” NJ Transit President and CEO Kevin Corbett said. “So many cities and townships in New Jersey have grown and benefited from their proximity to NJ Transit service, and we want to accelerate that growth in partnership with our host communities by promoting and encouraging mixed-use TOD on our River LINE Light Rail system.”

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