Using Retargeting to Motivate New Jersey Business Leaders

NJBIZ STAFF//June 3, 2022//

Using Retargeting to Motivate New Jersey Business Leaders

NJBIZ STAFF//June 3, 2022//

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Each of us is exposed to an almost inconceivable amount of information and marketing messages every day. To reach and connect with businesses in New Jersey, you must fight attention in smart and innovative ways. Experts now estimate that it takes eight touchpoints to drive a lead from a prospect (1), a number that has continued to grow over the years. Motivating audience action when they first visit your site, or our site, is sometimes not possible. Audience retargeting is one way to increase your chances of holding decision-maker attention and motivating action.

What is Audience Retargeting?

Retargeting is when you follow a website visitor across the Internet with your campaign ads.

Here is a simple representation:

  • A decision-maker in a consulting firm visits NJBIZ.com website and clicks on your display banner ad
  • This prospect visits your website, browses around, but does not fill out your lead form
  • As the potential customer browses his/her favorite sites on the web, NJBIZ makes your ads appear in a polite but consistent way wherever they go on the web. These messages are designed to and re-engage them with your business

We know this user is highly qualified because he/she was reading articles on the NJBIZ website. We know this user was interested in the information on your site because they clicked on your ad on NJBiz.com and went to your website. We don’t know why they left or decided not to contact you. It could be that a phone call interrupted their search, or maybe they just weren’t ready to pull the trigger. We can’t be totally sure, but what we do know is that the decision-maker is someone you definitely want to stay in front of with your ad campaign.

 Retargeting Benefits

NJBIZ.com’s website visitors are made up of 80% of the “top 100” largest businesses in New Jersey, and 80%+ are in the decision-making role in their organizations. They are also actively looking for the latest industry information on news, events, and much more. This is a fantastic audience to drive to your business:

  • You can recapture and re-engage with an audience you know is relevant and valuable to your business because they were on NJBiz.com and your website. These audience members might be new customers, or existing customers you can sell more to in the future.
  • Conversion rates for retargeting campaigns are 70% higher than for ordinary banner ad campaigns. That means you will get more ROI from your ad spend! Past site visitors are clearly a good set of business prospects for you to focus a portion of your advertising spend.

This data proves that sometimes we can’t capture people on the first try, and we’ve got to stay in front of them.

First-Party Data and Cookies Make a BIG Difference

Due to privacy concerns and regulations around cookies, Apple Safari and Firefox have blocked 3rd party cookies (55% of mobile and tablet browser usage in the world). Google also announced that it will end support for third-party tracking cookies in the popular Chrome web browser as of 2023 (40% of the mobile and tablet usage in the world(4). Apple’s Safari browser and the Firefox browser, which are used by 1 in 5 Americans and all Apple/iPad/iPhone users, already block third-party cookies, This means that digital marketing will need to rely on “first-party” data for effective b2b marketing.

Understanding First-Party Data

First-party data means information collected directly on a brand or publisher’s website. It means that there is a direct relationship between the site owner and the site visitor – and the site visitor has opted-in to provide the first-party data.

At NJBIZ.com, our first-party data is the information we have collected from our readers, giving us key insights. First-party data helped us learn that our audience comprises 80% of the “top 100” largest businesses in New Jersey. We know who they are, what they are interested in, and where they spend their time. As the cookie-less future descends, these insights and in-depth customer knowledge will be the key to effective B2B business marketing.

Audience Retargeting with NJBIZ.com

At NJBIZ.com, we are big believers in audience retargeting because it is consistently effective for advertisers. We have access to a plethora of first-party data through our trusted relationships with business leaders in the New Jersey market. Our audience is connected to us in many ways: in print, on the web, at events, in the social environment, and in email, so we have multiple avenues to reach your target audience and help drive business growth.

Get in Touch

At NJBIZ.com, our mission is to help companies do more business and grow the industry. If you’d like more ideas and insights on making audience retargeting work for your business, get in touch with one of our business marketing experts by filling out the form on the page.

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