‘Womenomics’ is focus of upcoming, innovative conference in Jersey City

Meg Fry//April 17, 2017

‘Womenomics’ is focus of upcoming, innovative conference in Jersey City

Meg Fry//April 17, 2017

Daryl Rand said she has been working on an upcoming, innovative, three-day event for nearly a year.But in reality, “One World: Empowering Women for the Global Conversation” has been more than a decade in the making.  

“Future business leaders, and especially women, must learn to become globalists,” Rand, CEO and president of Guttenberg-based HarrisonRand Advertising, said. “Their products, services and leadership will undoubtedly be affected by what is going on in the world, and will change the dialogues that they have on a routine basis within their own business landscapes.”  

The program, hosted by New Jersey City University’s School of Business from May 17 through May 19 at the Mack-Cali Harborside Complex in Jersey City, will focus extensively on “womenomics” and the empowerment and advancement of women in multiple areas, including health care, financial wellness, education, corporate leadership, entrepreneurship and global business.  

With a strong focus on technology-enabled live conversations with women leaders in India and China, more than 350 members of the business community and university students are expected to attend.

“This conference intends to remind us to refocus our energies on acquiring the necessary skills that will position us well within a global marketplace,” Rand said. “I believe that impacting hundreds of people within multiple networks and spheres of influence, while also communicating with and bringing together those living in other countries, will make all the difference when it comes to the realization of gender parity.”  

Rand already is an expert in such matters.  

As former president of the New York Chapter of the International Advertising Association and the IAA World Board, Rand observed that very few women ever got the chance to attend world congresses or participate in global organizations.

In response, starting in 2005, Rand organized and led groups of businesswomen from New Jersey and New York in traveling to India for a week to establish and grow business relationships and encourage gender parity.

Since its beginnings, approximately 120 women have traveled as part of Friends of India to serve both networking and philanthropic purposes by supporting Children’s Hope India.

“Many of the women who traveled with Friends of India served on the advisory committee for ‘One World,’ ” Rand said. “They have all been enriched, both professionally and personally, by gaining much more diverse insights into the global economy.”

Alma DeMetropolis, manager director and market manager for J.P. Morgan Private Bank of New Jersey, and Sue Henderson, president of New Jersey City University, are just two of the women who traveled with Rand as part of the organization.   

“Given that JPMorgan Chase is a global financial services firm, ‘One World’ is very much in line with what we promote within our own workplace and industry,” DeMetropolis said. “This event will take a 360 degree view, knowing that what is good for women is good for families, good for communities, and good for businesses.  

“For me, that was a critical factor is us deciding to support this event.”

JPMorgan Chase will act as the lead sponsor for the event.  

“JPMorgan Chase also wants to continue to try to understand what the global practices and barriers are in terms of building wealth and improving financial health for women, and what the leadership, investment and communication strategies may be to continue helping women remain competitive in the global marketplace,” DeMetropolis added.  

Sue Henderson said she knew New Jersey City University was the perfect host for such an event given the diversity of Jersey City.  

“Within any diverse group, we need to start earlier to empower our children, both male and female, to achieve success and leadership in any industry,” Henderson said. “While there may of course be cultural differences, for women, in particular, we have found across the globe that many do not know exactly how to maneuver within the system and advocate for themselves.  
“We want to help change that.”  

Rand believes the global connection of this event will help to play a significant part in that change.  

“While we typically view issues through an American lens, this event will help us to look at the same issues through the lens of other countries, such as China and India,” she said. “What can we learn from each other?”

Event speakers will include Katty Kay, lead anchor, BBC World News America; Michele Brown, president and CEO of Choose New Jersey; Michellene Davis, executive vice president and chief corporate affairs officer of RWJBarnabas Health; Rebecca Freed, partner, Genova Burns; Michele Siekerka, president and CEO, New Jersey Business and Industry Association; and Alfa Demmellash, co-founder, Rising Tide Capital; among others.

Aspiring managers hoping to rise to the C-suite and women entrepreneurs are especially encouraged to attend the event.  

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