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You Wont Find This Software on Store Shelves

Industry ReportThe challenge in these days of information overload is to collect and distribute the right data to the right people in a form they can use.

For example, DeskNet in Jersey City, a provider of software solutions for the financial services industry, licenses ContentWelder to firms that need to collect information for communication with their enterprise customers.

“Companies try to improve as best they can the way they communicate with their clients,” says Michael Fitzsimons, co-CEO of DeskNet. “We are great at helping companies automate that process and package up their client reports and client communications.”

Last month DeskNet released ContentWelder for Client Reporting, a version of the software specifically designed to generate client reports for institutional investors. “Most of the financial services industry is really grappling with the problem of capturing data from multiple source points,” says Fitzsimons.

Financial firms may receive information from third-party sources such as so-called data marts or ratings providers like Morningstar. The disparate information types make it difficult to quickly create financial reports wanted by their clients, typically mutual funds and high-net worth investor, says Fitzsimons.

ContentWelder can compose such reports from multiple sources using parameters set by the user.

Depending on the level of detail needed, client reports can range from a few pages to more than 100 pages-worth of information. The software can also generate quarterly investment reports, prospectuses and customized marketing materials. “We want to target and package up personalized information as best we can,” says Fitzsimons.

Meanwhile, greater scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the efficacy and safety of medical devices calls for more thorough reporting by product makers. Sparta Systems, a provider of process-management software in Holmdel, meets such needs with TrackWise, software to aid with quality management.

Putting software to work automating such reports can ease the burden of accountability as well as increase efficiency, the company says.

TrackWise keeps detailed records of what goes on in a firm. “It enables companies in any industry to manage and track different business processes, different types of events or changes they need to keep track of on a daily basis,” says Steven Cagle, Sparta’s vice president of marketing.

Data may be collected from e-mails to spreadsheets “It can be anything from customer complaints to an investigation that needs to be conducted,” says Cagle. “All these things need to be managed.”

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