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Young entrepreneur’s company is all about turnover

Hahn, 27, building her brand with new line of infant clothing

Rhapsody Hahn, owner, Turnovers: “We want to grow our line.”-(PHOTO BY AARON HOUSTON)

Rhapsody Hahn — the youngest recipient of NJBIZ’s 2014 Forty Under 40 award — didn’t know the gender of her firstborn.

“I was one of those crazy moms that didn’t find out the gender, so I got all gender-neutral items,” Hahn said. “And I realized just how beneficial it was when I had my second child because it saved me a lot of money without being plain or boring.”

It also inspired her to become an entrepreneur.

With more than 10 years’ worth of experience in retail management, fashion design and cut-and-sew production — unstable and inflexible industries for anyone, let alone a new mother — Hahn decided to become her own boss.

In the baby fashion biz, that is.

Hahn officially launched Turnovers Baby Shop — an e-commerce company based in the Mays Landing section of Hamilton — in June 2013, following a successfully funded $10,000 Kickstarter campaign.

“I thought, ‘How can I launch and grow a business organically using the least amount of money?’ ” Hahn said. “I came to find out it was a trend for startups to ask people to preorder products in order to raise the funds to produce … rather than go into debt and then try to sell. I was already in enough debt from college.”

So what made her products so popular that she sold more than $10,000 of inventory on nothing but DIY marketing and business-to-business trades?

Buzzwords: ecofriendly, all- natural, soybean-based, ultra-soft and durable.

Oh, and fully reversible — meaning Turnovers’ two-in-one outfits can eliminate the need to return clothing, be used for additional children, hide messes and save parents as much as $2,300 on baby clothing in the first year, the company estimates.

With pants and reversible onesie sets retailing for $42, hoodies for $45 and bibs for $10, Turnovers is on track to double its sales within the first year and a half of being in business.

Meg Fry

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