Issue & Closing Dates

NJBIZ is published weekly with a Monday issue date. See the Editorial Calendar for space reservations and ad copy deadlines. The publisher may act on the written instructions of either the advertiser or agency as to any ad. No liability is assumed for instructions received after closing date.

Copy & Contract Terms

Each advertiser will be required to sign a contract. All contracts must be fulfilled within one year of the date on the contract. No cancellations will be accepted after deadline. Advertisers whose contracts were not completed will be required to pay the “earned rate” for the ads that have already run. This rate is based on the number of ads that have run upon contract cancellation. New advertisers are required to pay the first insertion in advance of publication date. Advertisers and their agencies are liable for all collection and attorney fees incurred by the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement regarded as objectionable in wording or appearance, and may require the word “advertisement” in any ad. The publisher reserves the right to include a hairline border around any ad submitted without a border. In the event of an error in an advertisement for which the publisher is liable, the liability shall be limited to republishing the ad or discounting such portion of the entire cost of the advertisement as the publisher shall deem necessary. All ad material produced by the publisher will remain the property of the publisher and may not be released.
All accounts with unpaid balances for 90 days or more are subject to having pre-booked advertisements cancelled.

ADs Agency Commissions

Standard 15% commission will be paid to recognized agencies on all rates for print-ready ads which are within Business Journal specifications. There is no commission on production services or reprints. Agency commissions will be forfeited if billing goes past 90 days. Commissions will be reduced 50% if artwork is not print ready. Artwork supplied must be in reproducible form (no foil or reflective inks, etc). This applies to any pre-screened halftones and logo artwork. If a supplied ad requires any production time, the client or agency will be charged.

ADs Prepared Digitally

Macintosh Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator are the preferred file formats when sending layout files.


Create outlines of all fonts. Include all graphics for output.


Collect for output should include all images (in CMYK) and fonts (Screen and Printer Fonts).


Save as EPS. Create outlines of all fonts. Use only 100% black on fonts(C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100), not black made up of CMYK.


PDF files distilled with Adobe Acrobat from files that originate in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress or Adobe Illustrator only. Embed all fonts and do not include OPI when distilling PDFs.

We do not accept Pagemaker, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word files.

Production Information

All questions regarding ad material preparation should be directed to the NJBIZ at (732) 246-7677.

Small Type and Hairlines

Fine type and thin lines should be used sparingly and limited to black. Reverse type should be in bold typeface to assure best results. Type smaller than 7 pt. size should not be used, and fine serifs should be avoided. Type should not overprint background of more than 30% in any color.


Color files should be set up as 4-color-CMYK; 2-color artwork should be set up using a combination of CMYK. PMS colors should be converted to CMYK. PMS colors will be “color matched” to the nearest possible process tint.


Grayscale and CMYK files should have a resolution of 300 dpi. Line art or bitmapped images should be at 1200 dpi, no less than 900 dpi. NO RGB.


An approved laser print must accompany all ads submitted. Color proofs should be provided whenever possible with all color indicated. Spot color may be indicated on a sample black-and-white laser proof. Proofs may be faxed to (732) 249-8952.

Pub-Set ADs

Advertising design is free when purchasing advertising space in NJBIZ publications. See your account executive for cost estimates and additional production services.


Text-only files should be a Microsoft Word document or ASCII text.

Submitting ADs

VIA E-MAIL (files under 10MB) – E-mail [email protected] (files under 10mb)
VIA FTP (files over 10MB) – Please e-mail [email protected] to obtain the necessary FTP information. The advertiser will be responsible for having an FTP client application installed (e.g. Fetch, CuteFTP, etc.) and please e-mail [email protected] after you have uploaded your file.
POSTAL MAIL (for CDs/DVDs/proofs) – mail your assets to the following address:

Attn: Production
220 Davidson Avenue, Suite 122
Somerset, New Jersey 08873