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Advertising & Marketing Tips

Social Media Advertising for New Jersey Businesses

Social Media is a part of almost everyone’s life today. That just as true of business leaders as it is for consumers. Yes, yes, there are a few holdouts who eschew all forms of digital social interaction, but their numbers have gotten quite small, and continue to dwindle every day. Social media is integrated into every aspect of our lives, whether we use it to stay in touch with colleagues, read news and opinions, learn about new products, research companies, look for events, and even to be entertained.

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Using SEO to Reach New Jersey Businesses

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your website and other online presences to improve your visibility in search engine results. Brands want their websites to rank near the top of search results for specific keywords -- the higher you rank for keywords, the more organic website traffic you will get.

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Using Paid Search to Motivate New Jersey Businesses

With paid search, companies pay a fee to Google or another search engine company to appear in a prominent position on results pages for a specific search term. Search terms include one or multiple words. For example, keywords relevant to people looking to do business with consulting or accounting firms might search for “partner with consulting firms” or “New Jersey accounting firms.”

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NJBIZ Growth Guide: Do More Business with NJ Companies

Looking for ways to do more business with businesses in New Jersey? Lots of companies ask our team about the best ways to reach, persuade, and sell to New Jersey businesses. With our vast experience delivering hundreds of marketing programs every year to this dynamic audience, we have deep insight into what works – and what doesn’t.

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