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There’s something special about Princeton restaurant Blue Bears

The city's newest breakfast and lunch spot, is staffed with nine individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. "We decided just to combine this [love of food and need for a job], and offer the ability to have very diverse roles ... It was very key for us to be open, to be supportive, to create a place which has dignity," co-founder Gaud Yver said.

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Concept illustration for CBD, hemp or cannabis oil with CBD molecule.

A unique cannabis event, complete with CBD cage match, is coming to Newark

In its inaugural year, the Real Cannabis Conference aims to be different than other events out there. “We were searching so hard to find the actionable data [on cannabis] we’re used to in the business world,” said founder Gary George, who created the event with his wife. “So I said, you know, we’re making the conference we’ve been looking for all this time."

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The Burger came out of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center in Bridgeton.

Food Day: Plant-based disruption in the food industry

“What’s interesting is that there are several different words being used. Meat, beef, burger. What’s okay? It’s largely unresolved,” Norris McLaughlin Intellectual Property Group Co-Chair Danielle DeFilippis said. To mitigate your brand's legal woes, "make sure your labels are compliant, make sure what you have on there isn't going to anger your competitors, and do what you need to protect it going forward."

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