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Zuri Masud and Sheetal Bahirat started Reveal as a way to address food waste - specifically, of avocado seeds.- ZURI MASUD

Just the pits (access required)

There’s more to avocados than the pulp, and the business partners behind Reveal tea have figured out how to use what most people throw away to reduce food waste and unlock additional antioxidants from the fruit.

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Halloween is a time for decorations, costumes, spooky-themed desserts and of course candy. - FERRERO USA

Hallo-what are we doing? (access required)

Longstanding multi-billion-dollar companies such as Ferrero and Mars typically plan many months – if not years – ahead for even routine holiday seasons like Halloween. But they've had to take a different approach this year, with leaders asking themselves a couple of questions: Given the COVID-19 pandemic, what’s appropriate in terms of promotion? And, how do we still make it special?

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Future power (access required)

Two prominent goals of the Murphy administration – fostering innovation and reducing the state’s reliance on fossil fuels – create opportunities for across the state. NJBIZ recently spoke with the heads of two companies taking advantage of those opportunities: Eos Energy Storage CEO Joe Mastrangelo and Suburban Propane CEO Michael Stivala.

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