The 2020 NJBIZ Power 100

Jeffrey Kanige//February 17, 2020//

The 2020 NJBIZ Power 100

Jeffrey Kanige//February 17, 2020//

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Attentive readers should notice a difference in this year’s edition of the NJBIZ Power 100 compared to other recent iterations – fewer elected officials, more business leaders. The decision to change the ratio was not meant as a knock on legislators or agency bureaucrats. Their actions are consequential and often significantly alter the business climate in the state and that fact is reflected in these pages. Just check out who occupies the top spot. Again.

But the decisions made by business owners and executives – on capital expenditures, hiring, relocation and other moves – have far more direct effects on the development of the economy. And NJBIZ is, after all, a business publication. It’s our job to chronicle those choices and explore the implications for the state.

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Moreover, several of the leaders on this list are running companies that represent the future. Suuchi Ramesh, for example, is rebuilding the apparel industry in New Jersey. And her company received an important investment from Chris Sugden’s Edison Partners. Both make their first appearances in the Power 100 and it’s easy to see how they could become fixtures in this issue in the years to come.

Many other names are well-known in the business community and continue to drive growth and – in the cases of people like Aisha Glover, Jon Hanson and Chris Paladino – redevelopment. In fact, as once-troubled cities return to prosperity and regain their appeal as places to live and work, the individuals making that happen will undoubtedly occupy prominent positions in these pages.

Your voice was – and will remain – important in compiling these lists. NJBIZ staff members reached out to many of our readers for input on who was doing work that deserved recognition. And more than a few of you submitted unsolicited recommendations, which are always welcome. That relationship is invaluable and we will make every effort to maintain and enhance the exchange of ideas.

So, as always, we invite you to read through the profiles here and let us know what you think about our choices and the reasoning behind them. We look forward to the conversations.

The first ten profiles are listed in ranked order, the remaining names are listed alphabetically.