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Executive action

Salix’s Women’s Leadership Network was established with the company-wide vision of continuing to enhance and develop women talent in leadership positions, as a top business priority.

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Remote reps (updated)

New Jersey MAX Challenge members Jaclyn Cusack and Rebecca Ginsand

Hayley Guerra enters her MAX Challenge class to a welcome reprieve: her classmates are there, along with the trainer she’s grown so fond of. For the next 45 minutes, she'll pour the stresses of work, motherhood and life into the workout du jour—a welcome bit of normalcy amid the chaos, but it’s a new normal, and a new chaos: Rather than at the gym in Hazlet, her class is on video-streaming platform Zoom.

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In the red

Blood donation vector.

At the peak of blood drive season, amid COVID-19 donation centers are experiencing cancellations and a drop in individual contributions. While the state's supply is adequate now, experts warn a catastrophic shortage could develop if individuals stop donating while organizations cancel scheduled drives.

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Sage counsel

International Womens Day. Vector seamless pattern with women faces. Design element.

For International Women’s Day, staff members at one business offered their best career guidance to colleagues and peers at other companies; see what they had to say.

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Prayers answered

Rendering for Claremont Development's transformation of the property around St. Lucy’s Church.

Jersey City planning officials have issued approvals for the former St. Lucy’s Church property at 619 Grove St. to be converted into a unique hybrid property.

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