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Oct. 18, 2021 Edition of NJBIZ (access required)

Oct. 18, 2021 Edition of NJBIZ

This week’s digital issue of NJBIZ – featuring business groups are still waiting for more details on how the gubernatorial candidates would deal with state's economy, officials break ground for New Brunswick's $665 million "The Hub," we shine our spotlight on Cancer, and more!

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Cool technology (access required)

Health care, medicine and breast cancer concept

Patients in Central New Jersey with early-stage breast cancer may benefit from accessing a treatment that does not require traditional invasive surgery: Cryoablation uses a small needle and the cooling power of liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy tumors.

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Oct. 11, 2021 Edition of NJBIZ (access required)

Oct. 11, 2021 Edition of NJBIZ

This week’s digital issue of NJBIZ – featuring Propelify Festival, wariness pervades public health and business ahead of the holiday season, how a partnership is bringing women-grown coffee to the U.S., we shine our spotlight on Accounting, and more!

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40 Under 40 2021

NJBIZ 40 Under 40, 2021

NJBIZ's annual awards program, recognizing individuals under the age of 40 for their notable successes and demonstrations of strong leadership in the state.

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OPINION: Wrong course

Concept For Corruption, Bankruptcy Court, Bail, Crime, Bribing, Fraud, Auction Bidding. Judges or Auctioneer Gavel, Soundboard And Bundle Of Dollar Cash On The Rough Wooden Textured Table Background.

For most of us, if we have a leaky roof or something in our home that needs repair, we save up so that we can fix it. It would be nice if our gas or electric provider would just hand us money for repairs, but that’s just not reality. In a lawsuit over climate change, the city of Hoboken is trying this trick to get money for its own infrastructure projects. By, Michael Thulen Jr. , former president of the Point Pleasant Borough Council.

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Getting together (access required)

Chess board

A variety of issues – including the increasing ability to work remotely and concerns over succession planning – are causing a rise in M&A activity among accounting firms, according to published reports. Does that mean it’s time to add smaller CPA firms to the Endangered Species list?

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Better business (access required)

For a long time, large publicly held companies were the only businesses that had to be concerned with potentially costly ESG reporting. But now, it looks like privately held enterprises are increasingly being held to similar standards, often without regulatory mandates.

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Anyone there? (access required)

Businessman Leader Stand Out From Crowd Individual

In 2018, the number of candidates for the CPA exam dipped to its lowest level in 10 years, according to the latest AICPA Trends Report. At the same time, the organization estimated that, as of 2020, 75% of its members were eligible to retire. Does this mean a CPA drought is ahead? Actually, according to some experts, it’s already here.

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Reduced exposure

Sofia, Bulgaria - November 10, 2020: Pfizer COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine and Syringe. Conceptual image.

AmTrust EXEC, an insurance carrier that offers a variety of management liability products, EPL Project Manager Jason Binette on what employers need to know about COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

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