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Trimming costs (access required)

From helping companies choose the best health care benefits packages, to providing recycling advice and services so towns and business can avoid stiff penalties, some New Jersey firms are working overtime to save money for their clients.

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Nonprofit ChargEVC projects electric vehicle growth in New Jersey

ChargEVC released Wednesday its updated projections for electric vehicle adoption in New Jersey. ChargEVC is a not-for-profit coalition of diverse stakeholders that includes retail automotive dealers, utilities, consumer and equity advocates, environmental and labor organizations and technology companies. The report summarizes extensive new research to understand electric vehicle adoption trends in New Jersey, and projects ...

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Atlantic City Electric completes targeted enhancements to further improve service reliability

Atlantic City Electric has been upgrading and enhancing the local energy grid to better serve its customers. As part of this effort, Atlantic City Electric has completed work to upgrade a priority list of distribution lines that serve thousands of customers. Through data-driven analysis, the company’s engineers identified and prioritized lines within its service area ...

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