NJCU forges partnership with top Israeli sea port

Gabrielle Saulsbery//November 23, 2021

NJCU forges partnership with top Israeli sea port

Gabrielle Saulsbery//November 23, 2021

New Jersey City University and the Port of Ashdod in Tel Aviv signed a letter of intent to strengthen the economic relationship between New Jersey and Israel, and the relationship between the Port of Ashdod and the NJCU community.

The LOI was signed Nov. 15 during an economic mission to Israel and announced by Choose New Jersey Nov. 23.

NJCU and the Port of Ashdod together plan to collaborate on opportunities that will advance innovation, economic development and international education.

“The signing of the LOI with the Port of Ashdod further expands our international footprint by formalizing collaboration with our institution, the State of New Jersey and the nation of Israel at a time where critical conversations are being had on issues related to sustainability, climate change, and supply management,” said NJCU President Sue Henderson in a statement. “I am delighted that this unique partnership will further innovation with our NJCU School of Business and the Guarini Institute for International Education and Economic Mobility. This is yet another milestone in the continuation of our successful global initiative projects.”

Sue Henderson, president, New Jersey City University. –

Signers of the LOI include Orna Hozman-Bechor, Ashdod Port chairwoman; Shiko Zana, CEO of Ashdod Port; and NJCU’s Henderson.

“Ashdod Port is happy and excited about the collaboration between New Jersey City University, the Port of Newark and Ashdod Port. This is a unique opportunity for startups in Israel to work with Ashdod Port and the International Port of Newark,” Zana said  in a statement. “In addition, the establishment of the first innovation embassy in the world is a unique move for Ashdod Port and we anticipate many pilots and collaborations between the various startups, the port and the embassy in New Jersey. The operational continuity of Ashdod Port is essential for the country’s economy, and Ashdod Port has set itself the goal of promoting innovation as part of the port’s ongoing activities.”

Israel’s sea port in terms of cargo volume, Ashdod Port runs a program for maritime startup companies. Signing the LOI will help bring these startups to NJCU for potential pilot programs and other opportunities at ports in New Jersey.

“The Guarini Institute at NJCU aims to advance economic mobility via innovative programs with international companies and entities,” said Executive Director Guarini Institute for International Education and Economic Mobility at NJCU Adrian Franco. “The agreement with the Port of Ashdod is a compelling example of how we can build on the distinctive bond between Israel and New Jersey to advance our common goals. The Guarini Institute, the School of Business and the entire NJCU community is looking forward to implementing the objectives of the LOI and generating world-renowned innovations in port management in Ashdod and New Jersey.”

Moving forward, NJCU will also work with the Port of Ashdod and utilize academic resources to develop educational and workforce development opportunities for NJCU students and the broader community.

“I am so proud to see this agreement moving ahead following close coordination with Choose New Jersey and the Port Ashdod, which will drive even more Israeli innovation to our state,” said Andrew Gross, executive director of the New Jersey-Israel Commission.

New Jersey’s economic mission to Israel took place Nov. 15-17. It was the first state delegation to visit Israel since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.