A new guard (access required)

Engaging. Vibrant. Diverse. Accessible. These words are not often associated with financial planning and wealth management professionals. But a new guard, armed with the same certifications as your grandfather’s wealth managers but with an air of accessibility he’d never dreamed of, has arrived.

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Health care money

A steep drop (access required)

A report published shortly after Thanksgiving highlighted a stark reality for New Jersey: even before the pandemic, 37% of New Jerseyans were struggling to make ends meet. Many hadn’t reaped the economic benefits from the last decade of the national recovery following the Great Recession, according to the study, known as the United Way ALICE report, released on Nov. 29.

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Plugging the leaks (access required)

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — which spurred massive job cuts and sent individual and business spending into a deep freeze — New Jersey’s tax revenue plunged, sending state officials on a desperate search for financial life support. The solution included a bifurcated budget; some spending cuts, more than $4 billion of new borrowing, and some new taxes.

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